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To Blog? Or not to Blog?

Its been a while since I last wrote a blog entry. Adventures and mischief have been in abundance, but I guess I was going through a restructuring process in my head to understand why I keep a blog. Approximately a year on, and thanks to a brainstorm I had with a lovely human being, I have come to conclude that the blogging should go on.

The problem with blogging is that it leaves you so totally and utterly vulnerable: it exposes one fresh and raw, exactly as we are. Strengths and weaknesses, joys and grief – the whole package exactly as it is. All to an unknown audience around the globe, all with different views and ways of life. Everyone with a definition of how one ought to be and think: some black, some white, and others grey. Some accepting, others controlling. I find this very daunting.

So why have I decided to pick up blogging again? On one hand, I decided to regard it as a personal journey to be true to who I am: my strengths and weaknesses, beliefs and way of life. Be accountable to myself about who I am today, and then strive to grow for the better along the way.

On the other hand, through blogging, I wanted to create my personal corner, away from the edits and selective stories of the media. My story and journey as I have experienced and seen it through my own unedited words. That ordinary little girl with all her imperfections: her dreams, her failures, her ups and downs. Just like all other ordinary girls: unique on a micro level of individual personalities and beliefs; yet the same on a macro level of dreams, hopes, ambitions and imperfections.

And so here starts a whirlwind of emotions and adventures: Dreams, hopes, falling, getting up, falling, getting up, falling… and at times achieving.  My journey, my love affair with life, and its different shades of dark, light and neutral that paints this life so beautifully.