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I’ve started this website, because I wanted to share some of the stories of how I came to race as the first female representative of Iran. You may have seen an image of a girl, smiling from the bottom of her heart, rejoicing at being able to race on 15 September 2013 at the ITU World Champs, London. But it is really the story of the incredibly amazing human beings that helped me get to that start line, and help me continue on this path.

As a friend once said after returning from a 6 month cycle tour to India: Angels!!! They’re everywhere – lurking behind every land slide, rain cloud, accident, moments of need – they fly down and help us and then go back to their day job doing whatever it is angels do!

I am still learning and experimenting with blogging. But its meant to directly or indirectly tell the story of all the angelic people that have helped me when I most needed it – in the most tangible or intangible of ways. From complete strangers to those dearest to me, from those who wrote me a couple of words of encouragement, shared a smile and lifted my spirits, inspired me, to those who went over and beyond everything to help me. I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart.

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